Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Eagle Scout Projects

Life, as you know, goes on whether we have a business or not. I don't seem to be very good at juggling everything, so when something extra comes along, my business (hobby) gets put on hold for a little while. Oh, I still keep up with shipping out sold items (if there were any, but that's a story for another day). It's the fresh creativity that hangs in the balance... sort of.

I started off the summer thinking I should finish my to-do list before the holiday rush set in. On my birthday in early July, I took the day off of the shop and motherhood and recovered the cushions for my living room set. Next on my list was the rag rugs for my sister-in-law. (I'm still working on those. It took several false starts before I was happy with my results.)

I have two handsome sons who have been working on their Eagle Scout Projects this summer. Joshua's project (on the left)is a Food Drive for the Salvation Army. There isn't too much I've had to do there except count cans of food. Jacob's project however (on the right), is collecting baby items for Newborns in Need. Since they love handmade things, I decided to clear out my "fabric stache" and make baby quilts. Now, as I sit here writing this, I realize I've done 30 baby quilts and blankets with four more quilts ready to be tied. I guess I got a little carried away there.

As you recall, when this post started out, I was bemoaning the lack of fresh creativity. It turns out this summer has been very creative, just in unexpected ways. I've found several different ways to use scraps of fabric by learning to do the rag rugs, and by doing the baby quilts. I'm planning a future "How-To" series of posts about "how-to" make rag rugs, complete with planning how much fabric you need, and how to use scraps for quilts and still have it look completely planned. So, as they say, "stay tuned" for more updates.